Daniel Rodrigues-Martin

DANIEL RODRIGUES-MARTIN is an author, editor, and gamer. Buy his books on Amazon and Visit his website at www.danielrodriguesmartin.weebly.com.

Review – State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition

By Daniel Rodrigues-Martin / September 18, 2020 /

State of Decay 2 is an open-world survival-fantasy game set just after the zombie apocalypse. Your small community of survivors seeks to rebuild a corner of civilization, and you get to make all the decisions about how that happens.

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Review – Resident Evil 3 Remake

By Daniel Rodrigues-Martin / April 13, 2020 /

RE3 Remake is the game we should have gotten last year instead of RE2 Remake; it feels like a step backward.

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Preview – Resident Evil 3 (2020)

By Daniel Rodrigues-Martin / April 1, 2020 /

Resident Evil 3 remake is just a few days away. While you wait, Danny adds his take on the demo.

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Preview – The Final Fantasy VII Remake

By Daniel Rodrigues-Martin / March 4, 2020 /

The Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Was Exactly What It Needed to Be.

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Review: Borderlands 2—Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary (PC)

By Daniel Rodrigues-Martin / September 4, 2019 /

Return to the award-winning shooter-looter for an all-new adventure that sets the stage for the upcoming Borderlands 3. Sanctuary is under siege, the Vault Map has been stolen, and a toxic gas is poisoning Pandora.

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