Logan Smiley

Review – Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

By Logan Smiley / April 12, 2024 /

Dark Pictures: House of Ashes is the third title in the Dark Pictures Anthology series and seeks to continue the Supermassive Games trademark of memorable characters and gripping stories. House of Ashes takes many of the best elements from previous games and hones them even more to offer a satisfying experience.

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Review – Patch Quest

By Logan Smiley / March 20, 2024 /

Patch Quest is a charming roguelike game created by a single developer. The game combines elements of monster catching, twin-stick shooters, and roguelike dungeon crawlers while being family-friendly.

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Review – The Long Dark

By Logan Smiley / March 13, 2024 /

Unforgiving yet accessible, The Long Dark has something for everyone, with infinite replayability and a fresh experience each time.

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Review – Curse of the Dead Gods

By Logan Smiley / February 29, 2024 /

Curse of the Dead Gods is an action roguelike, that lets you experience the thrilling expeditions of Caradog McCallister as he tries to rid himself of his curses. Along the way, there will be enemies fought, treasures to be acquired, and upgrades to gain. Will you be able to escape with riches and rid yourself of your curses or will you allow the darkness to consume you?

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Review – Bendy and the Dark Revival

By Logan Smiley / September 22, 2023 /

Bendy and the Dark Revival latches on to what many consider the golden age of cartoons from the 50s to 70s while re-imagining them as horror characters. It has a great aesthetic and atmosphere that will draw any horror fan into it.

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