L.J. Lowery

Born in southern California, but currently residing in Lafayette, Louisiana. Loves Hip Hop music, comics, and video games. Events/Media Coordinator, Podcast Producer, and Public Relations.

Review – Elden Ring

By L.J. Lowery / March 21, 2022 /

Elden Ring has finally arrived. This next entry to the Souls-like subgenre takes the punishing gameplay to a new level for fans both new and old.

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Review – King of Fighters XV

By L.J. Lowery / March 12, 2022 /

After six years, the hit fighting game franchise makes a return, and for the very first time on nextgen consoles. Does King of Fighters XV bring some true fatal fury to the genre?

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Review – Cowboy Bebop #1

By L.J. Lowery / February 8, 2022 /

Check out our review of Cowboy Bebop #1. The first of a four part miniseries based on the Netflix adaptation of the hit anime.

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Review – Dying Light 2: Stay Human

By L.J. Lowery / February 4, 2022 /

Taking place twenty years after the first Dying Light, Techland takes things to the next level with Dying Light 2. Check out our review!

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Review – Century: Age of Ashes

By L.J. Lowery / January 24, 2022 /

Take to the skies in Century: Age of Ashes. Team up with friends and other players for some intense dragon-on-dragon multiplayer combat.

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