I was born and raised in a traditional Christian household, educated privately, and brought up with a passion for Christ. The works of CS Lewis and Tolkien were my greatest influences. I aspire to become a published fictional author, hopefully illustrating my own work as well. Christ is the center of my universe and my faith is the lens in which I look through in regards to everything. As far as games go I am swayed best towards fantasy/action/rpg's.

Finding God in Final Fantasy XV

By Kelly / August 26, 2017 /

Before getting into this, I want to issue a spoiler alert for the Final Fantasy series in its entirety. I’ll be making references to end-game plot points as well as the finer details through the bulk this article relating mostly to Final Fantasy XV, but I will also be presenting details from other games to…

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Review: My Horse Prince (iOS)

By Kelly / August 15, 2017 /

Developers: USAYA Co Genre: Visual Novel, Dating Simulation Platforms: Android, iOS Rating:  12+ Price: Free with optional in-game purchases Have you ever entered into a discussion about the weirdest things ever to become video games and found yourself regretting the course of said discussion? That would be how I came at this crossroads in my life.…

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Review: Pakka Pets (Ios)

By Kelly / July 17, 2017 /

Developers: Proto Games Publishers: Space Inch, LLC Genre: Pet Simulation Rating: 4+ Price: Free with optional in-game purchases Back in the late 90’s and super early 2000’s, I was one of those kids with at least three digital pets on me. If you’re a 90’s kid, you know what I’m talking about. It started with…

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Retro Review: Tokyo Jungle (PS3)

By Kelly / July 7, 2017 /

Developers: Sony Interactive Entertainment, SIE Japan Studio Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Genre: Action Platforms: PS3 Rating: T for Teen Price: $14.99 on PSN with optional DLC   I typically don’t dabble in indy games. There is a very good chance that I’m missing out on a large realm of creative stories, beautiful visuals, captivating soundtracks, and unique…

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6 Video Game Themes that Need More Love

By Kelly / June 11, 2017 /

I am pretty easy to predict as far as my taste in games. My local GameStop folks know me by name and they know exactly what to recommend when I come in to browse. Sometimes I pop in with nothing in mind simply because I know that the folks behind the counter will have their…

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