Jonathon Moriconi

Hey listen! I'm Jon from the great state of Michigan. I've been a Christian for the past 5 years and a geek for 27. Ever since I could remember I have been playing video games and talking nerdy culture. In my early teen years I was able to preform on stage and online via acting and and voice acting in California. For the past 2 years I had the pleasure and the privilege of traveling the country with a pretty amazing group of guys playing music and spreading the gospel. I love meeting new people and building relationships no matter where I go. I am currently the Youth Director over some amazing kids, play video games on streaming platforms for the entertainment of the wonderful people that support me, and I am very blessed to have the opportunity to write for Geeks Under Grace. Thank you for reading my review. Be sure to catch me on my socials and anytime I live stream. See you in the next one

Review: A Way Out

By Jonathon Moriconi / April 9, 2019 /

Does A Way Out’s prison break gameplay produce a new co-op classic, or should it have stayed behind bars?

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Review: Deep Rock Galactic (Xbox One)

By Jonathon Moriconi / February 27, 2019 /

Developer: Ghost Ship Games Publisher: Coffee Stain Publishing Platforms: PC, Xbox One Genre: First Person Shooter ESRB: Pegi 16 Price: $24.99   Deep Rock Galactic is a Cooperative first-person shooter developed in Unreal Engine 4 by Danish indie studio Ghost Ship Games and published by Coffee Stain Studios who are known for other games such as Sanctum 1&2,…

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Review: 8-Bit Armies (PS4)

By Jonathon Moriconi / January 25, 2019 /

Developer: Petroglyph Games Publisher: Petroglyph Games Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch Genre: Real-Time Strategy ESRB: E10+ Price: $29.99 8-Bit Armies is a real-time strategy game developed and published by Las Vegas-based company Petroglyph Games. Many members of the company formerly worked on Command and Conquer during their time at Westwood Studios. Due to that…

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