Jonathan Klassen

Just a small city, Christian boy from the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Go Riders Go! I have a wife (Andrea), a son (Ethan) and another one on the way.

Preview: Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae (PS4)

By Jonathan Klassen / March 23, 2015 /

Final Fantasy XV was introduced back when Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito were introduced. Back then it was called Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the three games were supposed to release around the same time since all three games exist in the same universe. Final Fantasy XIII released on time, while Agito was renamed Type-0 and released on…

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Review: White Night (PS4)

By Jonathan Klassen / March 20, 2015 /

[amazon text=Amazon&template=carousel&asin=B00UB5IIUI] Introduction I was not sure what to expect of this game as I have never heard of it before. White Night is a survival horror game set in the 1930s. I am not down on survival horror games, but the setting and art style drew me in.   Storyline You take control of…

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Review: Reassembly (PC)

By Jonathan Klassen / March 5, 2015 /

Content Warning: Space combat. You fight and destroy enemy ships. Gameplay: Reassembly is about space exploration, combat and growing your territory. You start out with a basic ship and tasked with exploring the universe. In order to do so, you must make your ship better. If you don’t, you will not last long in space,…

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Review: Titanfall (PC)

By Jonathan Klassen / February 28, 2015 /

[amazon text=Amazon&template=carousel&asin=B00DB9JYFY,B00PYZ33HS] Content Warning: This is a war game, so that means you are shooting each other.  That being said, Titanfall has a lot of gore.  Lots of blood can been seen as your bullets strike your opponents.  Your titan can punch humans, creating a bloody explosion.  You can also rip people out of their…

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Review: Tetris Ultimate (PS4)

By Jonathan Klassen / February 20, 2015 /

Content Warning: No unacceptable content to speak of. Gameplay In this game, different shaped blocks fall from the top of the screen and it is your job to fit them together. You clear lines by filling them in horizontally so there are no holes. The key to the game is not to allow the placed blocks…

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