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Review: Death of Wolverine #1-4

By jetpackpaul / December 31, 2014 /

Through the many decades that Wolverine’s been around he’s had quite the journey. Joining world wars, life in Japan, Weapon X, the X-Men, even becoming the head of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning—Logan’s story seems endless. For now, however, it may be time to say goodbye (or see you later—this is comics, you…

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Review: Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Wii U)

By jetpackpaul / December 19, 2014 /

When I think about my favorite fictional video game creatures, at the top of the list, is the Toads. This adorable race of mushroom-like people have been my favorite ever since Super Mario Bros. 2. What’s not to love? They’re loyal, they have perfected space travel, and they’re fun guys. (Get it?) Any chance I…

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Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

By jetpackpaul / November 25, 2014 /

Oh, Nintendo. What have you done to me? I never expected you to do something like this again—people said you were through doing this. This is unbelievable. How will I ever get anything done? I can’t put this game down! It’s been six years since the last generation’s iteration of the Super Smash Bros. series, and…

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Review: Big Hero 6

By jetpackpaul / November 16, 2014 /

On the surface, Big Hero 6 is an action-comedy featuring colorful characters, a lovable robot, and superheroes fighting against an evil villain. Beneath the surface it’s an incredible story about loss and the journey of grief. Disney’s stunning retelling of the mostly-unknown Marvel comic was quite the emotional roller coaster. Summary Hiro Hamada is your average…

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Marvel Studios Mystery Event News Round Up

By jetpackpaul / October 28, 2014 /

  What will you be doing for the next five years? Today, Marvel Studios held a mysterious event in which they revealed their future movie line-up through 2019! Captain America: Serpent Society Civil War – May 6, 2016 Oh Marvel, you trickster. You had us in confusion after you took the stage and announced “Captain…

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