Jordan wears a couple of different hats. Most of the time, it's the hat of the commonplace office drone. When he can escape the shackles of that particular drudgery, you're likely to find Jordan doing nerdy things with nerdy people. A fan of tabletop games, comic books, movies, and music, Jordan spends his weekends bouncing around the Midatlantic region, from Virginia to Pennsylvania, trying to fit it all in. Additionally, he is a co-founder of a fledgling social media collective, Nerd Circle Podcast Productions. He is the Game Master and Master of Ceremonies for the RPG actual play podcast, Bone Throwers Theater, and cohost of Carlin and Jordan's Most Excellent Movie Night, a cinema review show focusing on content available from the internet's largest streaming subscription service. Jordan is currently a candidate for ordination in the Free Methodist Church. So that means a lot of classwork late into the night. He's also preparing to help found a new FM society in his home county.

Review: Mezzamorphis

By jddennis / January 28, 2015 /

I have to admit something. It feels odd listening to something over a decade old, especially something that reflects a mountain of personal experience. Nostalgia is an aural Instagram filter hazing the album. Whenever I start listening, older memories begin drifting to the surface. Washing dishes in the summer. Learning how to drive. Playing guitar…

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Review: Royal Tailor

By jddennis / January 24, 2015 /

  A lot of bands get buzz, but when the album starts, it’s hard to figure out why. Not so with Royal Tailor. Their self-titled sophomore makes sure the listener takes notice. The album’s biggest strength is its production qualities. Royal Tailor works hard to combine a wide variety of musical elements. They fold many…

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Review: Fiction Family Reunion

By jddennis / January 8, 2015 /

On paper, the equation doesn’t seem to add up. John Foreman’s the front man for the alternative rock group, Switchfoot. Sean Watkins makes up 1/3 of the progressive bluegrass group Nickel Creek. It doesn’t seem like they move in similar circles, or would join creative forces. But that’s precisely what they’ve done in their joint…

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Review: Scripted

By jddennis / December 23, 2014 /

I thought it’d take me a bit longer to find an album that wasn’t worth a listen, but I think I’ve got one for you here. Icon for Hire has been around for quite a while now. The band formed back in 2007, and signed to Tooth & Nail back in 2010. This first album…

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Review: Goliath

By jddennis / December 15, 2014 /

Goliath is the kind of project Kickstarter was designed for. Steve Taylor has been in the entertainment industry since the 80’s. First, he was a vocalist, working on his own projects and bands. Then, he decided to step away from the performance side of things and switch over to the business side. He began working as…

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