Jon Hill

I'm a 28 year old husband, father of 3, Christian DJ, PlayStation fanboy, and retro video game collector from Chesapeake, VA.

5/20/2015 Hot Comic Book Releases

By Jon Hill / May 20, 2015 /

Wednesday is here again and some fresh ink has just arrived at your local comic book store. Let’s check out this weeks Hot Comic Book Releases! I know DC Comics is nearing the finish line of its Convergence crossover event with issue #7 out today (along with numerous tie-ins), but it’s also a big week at…

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5/13/2015 Hot Comic Book Releases

By Jon Hill / May 13, 2015 /

Another Wednesday is upon us and with it comes a slew of new comic books, as well as the triumphant return of Hot Comic Book Releases! These titles are hitting the shelves of your local comic bookstore. Before we get to the release list, let’s talk about five notable books you might want to check out…

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Review: Battlefield Hardline (PS4)

By Jon Hill / March 24, 2015 /

Developer: Visceral Games Publisher: EA Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC Price: $59.99 Release date: March 17, 2015 Hardline is the latest release in the long-running Battlefield series. Battlefield titles normally focus on large-scale war settings, but Hardline breaks the mold by creating a struggle between police and criminals, and…

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Batgirl, Spider-Gwen, and Modesty in an Oversexualized Society

By Jon Hill / March 13, 2015 /

With the recent release of the highly anticipated Spider-Gwen #1, it seems a new trend is gaining steam in the comic book world: modesty. This recent movement has more than just feminism activists buzzing. Christian comic book fans, looking to get away from the constant bombardment of scantily clad women featuring ample chests and buttocks,…

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Review: OlliOlli (3DS)

By Jon Hill / March 12, 2015 /

Developer: Roll7 / Curve Digital Publisher: Roll7 / Curve Digital Platforms: 3DS (reviewed), PS Vita, PS3, PS4, XB1, Wii U, Win, Mac, Linux Price: $8.49 (Nintendo eShop) Release Date: March 5, 2015 (3DS & WiiU) OlliOlli is an indie, 2D, sidescrolling skateboarding game developed by Roll7 that debuted on Sony’s PlayStation Vita last year. Boasting…

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