Ian Hancock

Ian is a speculative fiction writer with an English degree from the University of the Fraser Valley. When he's not writing, he enjoys strategy games, sports, anime, and finding new ways to make fun of life.

Retro Review: Frozen

By Ian Hancock / December 8, 2019 /

With Frozen II warming the hearts of children everywhere, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the film that started it all. Is Frozen as good as we remember?

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Retro Review: The Addams Family (1991)

By Ian Hancock / October 23, 2019 /

The original Addams Family show first aired in 1964. Decades later, the Halloween favorite still carried enough clout to warrant its own movie, and the 1991 film was born. Posing as Gomez Addams’ long-lost brother fester, Gordon works with his mother Abigail to try to steal the vast riches that lay within the Addams’ family’s secret vault.

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Retro Review: Zombieland

By Ian Hancock / October 21, 2019 /

Following the unforgettable events of September 11, 2001, zombie-centered films surged in popularity. Scholars have speculated that their rise to cinematic prominence during the decade that followed represented a shift in Western consciousness. Namely, a fear of the cultural “Other” stemming from the growing anxiety around terrorism.

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Retro Review: Saving Private Ryan

By Ian Hancock / June 30, 2019 /

Saving Private Ryan is one of the more popular WWII films to come out of the late 20th century. Since I hadn’t seen it yet (why yes, I do live under a rock), I was looking forward to finally getting around to watching it, since I had heard almost nothing but good things about the film. First impressions: I was not disappointed.

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Retro Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

By Ian Hancock / May 7, 2019 /

A new army recruit during WWII is infused with a serum to turn him into a super soldier. Soon after, he finds himself battling the Nazi weapons division Hydra and its leader, Red Skull.

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