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Faith Over Fear

By GUG Contributor / October 24, 2023 /

Don’t focus on the world. Don’t doubt who and what you are in Christ Jesus. Be a hero.

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Breaking Free of ‘Flesh-absorption’

By GUG Contributor / September 22, 2023 /

Just as Eren’s transformation mirrors our initial melding with the flesh and his defensive reaction to love echoes our resistance to divine guidance, the Titans symbolize the dangers of self-absorption and the consequences of yielding to fleshly desires.

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From Atheist to Believer: God Speaks in Pixels

By GUG Contributor / August 19, 2023 /
Pokeball on Pokemon cards

My journey, rooted in the unexpected convergence of childhood fascination and spiritual exploration, stands as a testament to how life’s threads intertwine.

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Clearly Christian, Part 6: Are Christians Judgmental?

By GUG Contributor / July 28, 2023 /
A gavel sits on a table

How do we begin to curb the view that Christians are judgmental? It begins with a right view of Law & Gospel.

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Clearly Christian, Part 5: Is Christianity Old-Fashioned? Outdated?

By GUG Contributor / May 1, 2023 /
A person holds a Bible up to the sky

Is Christianity an outdated religion? No! The Word of God is infallible and relevant, despite modern society’s attempts to discredit it.

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