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A Lesson about Righteous Anger from Vash the Stampede

By Eric Perez / January 21, 2017 /

One of the most Christ-like characters in anime is Vash the Stampede from the anime Trigun. Throughout the series, we see Vash’s humility, selflessness, compassion, and love, as he constantly protects people with his skills and talents, cares for others through troubling times, brings himself down to raise others up, brings joy to kids, and…

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Review: Masamune-kun no Revenge, Episode 1: The Boy Who Was Called Pig’s Foot

By Eric Perez / January 15, 2017 /

Review What prompted me to consider watching Masamune-kun no Revenge was that the description of the show sounded humorous. This first episode sets up the entire plot pretty well, as it introduces the main character, Masamune Makabe, and his driving motivations. The first time we see Masamune, the camera pans through his bedroom, which consists…

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How to Love Your Enemy, Avatar-Style

By Eric Perez / December 18, 2016 /

There are so many reasons why I love the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. One of those reasons is something that distinguishes Avatar from most other popular good-VS-evil stories of its time–how Aang defeats the Firelord and brings peace to the world once again. As we’ve seen in most action-based movies, shows, books, and video game…

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Kenshin, Vash, and Apostle Paul – The Spiritual Heel-Face Turn

By Eric Perez / November 14, 2016 /

Two of the first, and most influential, anime series that I watched growing up were Trigun and Rurouni Kenshin. I loved watching Vash the Stampede and Kenshin using their finely honed, world-class skills to help and protect others–Kenshin being a master swordsman and Vash being a master gunsman. Whenever a bad guy would come on-scene…

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Love in Action – What Anime can Teach us about Real Relationships

By Eric Perez / October 24, 2016 /

There are several ways one could describe what it means to be a Christian, but the central idea is being a follower of, believing in, and loving Jesus. But, taking the description a step further, what does following/believing/loving Jesus actually mean? This question is explored throughout the Gospels and the letters of the apostles found…

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