Ellie Rush

Review – Fisti-Fluffs

By Ellie Rush / January 3, 2022 /

Customize, photograph, and battle with your cats in Fisti-Fluffs, a hilarious cat fighting game filled with physics-based kitty combat!

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Review – Eastward

By Ellie Rush / December 24, 2021 /

Play as the lovable duo John and Sam as they emerge from their subterranean society to traverse the surface! What answers lie above?

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Review – Last Stop

By Ellie Rush / September 3, 2021 /

In Last Stop, play as John, Meena, and Donna to uncover supernatural happenings in London and solve the mysteries that arise as a result.

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Review – Hitchhiker

By Ellie Rush / August 4, 2021 /

In Hitchhiker, you face open roads, mysterious drivers, and forgotten memories. Try restoring those memories so you can save your girlfriend!

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Review – World’s End Club

By Ellie Rush / July 19, 2021 /

In World’s End Club, you must trek home across a post-apocalyptic Japan. Uncover the truth and make the right choices to survive!

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