Derek Thompson

I’ve been a board game reviewer on Geeks Under Grace since 2011. I love card-driven games and party games. I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics and teach the subject at Taylor University in Upland, IN. My wife and kids are my favorite gaming partners.

Review: Royals

By Derek Thompson / July 9, 2016 /

Designer: Peter Hawes Publisher: Arcane Wonders, as part of their Dice Tower Essentials Category: Area Control / Strategy Game BoardGameGeek Ranking: 1,132 Price: $49.99 Reviewing is more of a hobby for most of us, but for a select few it’s become a career. We are very lucky to have an outspoken Christian, such as Tom…

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A Day at Origins 2016

By Derek Thompson / June 22, 2016 /

Introduction Hello! My name is Derek Thompson, and I’ve recently joined Chris Hecox in our Tabletop journey here at Geeks Under Grace. I’ve been writing for MeepleTown for the past five years, and played Magic: the Gathering an excessive amount before Settlers of Catan put me onto the board game craze. I’m a mathematics professor at Taylor University…

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Review: Karuba

By Derek Thompson / June 21, 2016 /

Designer: Rüdiger Dorn Publisher: HABA Category: Family BoardGameGeek Ranking: 734 Price: $34.99 HABA, a company known for designing games for very young children, announced in 2015 that they were going to start a line of more advanced “family” games, fun for both older children and adults. I would have been skeptical, except for two reasons. First, Blue Orange Games…

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