David Koury

I'm a writer and aspiring fashion designer residing in the wasteland called Nevada. Also, I'm trying to juggle learning both Korean and Japanese.

Review – Shadow Corridor

By David Koury / October 18, 2021 /

Spirits of the cursed Noh mask are coming for you. But is it scary, or is it the equivalent of a movie monster with its zipper on the front?

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Review – The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

By David Koury / September 27, 2021 /

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is back after ten years with an HD remaster. Check out our review to see how well it holds up today.

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Review – Vigil: The Longest Night

By David Koury / September 23, 2021 /

Glass Heart Games’ debut work, Vigil: The Longest Night, is an exceptional addition to the 2D Souls-like platfomer genre.

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Review – Cruis’n Blast

By David Koury / September 14, 2021 /

Cruis’n Blast resurrects the series with the first console release in fourteen years. Our review sees if the series deserves to be back.

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Review – Final Fantasy VII Remake: INTERmission

By David Koury / August 11, 2021 /

Final Fantasy VII Remake: INTERmission is out. Our review examines whether Yuffie’s adventure is worth it, or if it’s just more of the same.

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