David Koury

I'm a writer and aspiring fashion designer residing in the wasteland called Nevada. Also, I'm trying to juggle learning both Korean and Japanese.

Review – Final Fantasy XVI

By David Koury / July 18, 2023 /

Final Fantasy XVI begins a new era for the franchise. But is it worth the hype, or is it a big, dull dud? Read our review and find out!

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Review – Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future

By David Koury / June 27, 2023 /

With Final Fantasy XVI releasing June 22nd, we take one last look at Final Fantasy XV’s story to give it a proper sendoff before the new era.

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Review – Amnesia: The Bunker

By David Koury / June 19, 2023 /

Amnesia: The Bunker is the fourth installment in the Amnesia franchise. Our review examines whether it can redeem the series after Rebirth.

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Review — Jesus of Nazareth

By David Koury / April 18, 2023 /

In this review, we examine the first volume of the late Pope Benedict XVI’s trilogy on Jesus as He is portrayed in the Gospels.

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Review – Front Mission 1st: Remake

By David Koury / March 10, 2023 /

The new remake of the SRPG Front Mission has arrived. Check out our review to see whether it holds up or should have been left in 1995.

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