Darman Smith

Review: Secrets of Grindea

By Darman Smith / August 19, 2014 /

Content Warning:  Game contains magic, ghosts, monsters and cartoon violence.   A couple of months back I was browsing Steam’s Greenlight section, trying to see what interesting games were being developed. I saw Black Mesa, Kenchi, and a good deal of other games that were successfully greenlit. It was then that I happened across a beautifully animated…

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First Impressions: Games of Glory

By Darman Smith / August 18, 2014 /

This last week I was invited to join in a special play test of the new Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games of Glory with the developers at Lightbulb Crew. I want to thank the team for the amazing opportunity they have given me and the amazing game they are producing. At first, I was…

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Reviews: DOTA 2

By Darman Smith / July 28, 2014 /

Content Warning:  Game contains Pagan Gods (Zeus), demons, violence, death, some gore, and light profanity. Gamers discretion is advised.   Defense of the Ancients 2, more commonly referred to as DOTA 2 by the community, is an action strategy game focused on five players selecting heroes from a large pool to combat against another team…

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Review: Minecraft

By Darman Smith / July 9, 2014 /
Image Credit: Neko2k on twitter at @Neko_2k

Content Warning: This game is rated E10+ for Consoles for Fantasy Violence. The game includes some violence against monsters, animals, and players. There are some humanistic or spiritual ideals in the ending once you defeat a particular monster that some people may or may not agree with. Opening: The golden gem of indie game development,…

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