Danny Vargas

I am a devoted husband and a loving father (claims to be validated by my wife and kids). I am a Software Developer by day and an aspiring Philosopher by night...and day. I enjoy analyzing the cross-section between faith and geek culture and, in particular, attending to the unique advantages and challenges being a member of geek fandom present to the pursuit of Christ-likeness and spiritual formation.

Review: NieR—Automata (PC)

By Danny Vargas / July 2, 2018 /

Developer: PlatinumGames Publisher: Square Enix Genre: Action, Role-Playing Platforms: PC, PS4 Rating: Mature Price: $59.99 “Bohemian Rhapsody” is a popular song by the British rock band, Queen. The song consists of several seemingly disparate musical sections. However, the apparently incongruent parts come together to create a whole that is greater than their sum. PlatinumGame’s NieR: Automata…

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Review: Lake Ridden (PC)

By Danny Vargas / June 4, 2018 /

Developer: Midnight Hub Publisher: Midnight Hub Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Mystery Platforms: PC Rating: N/A Price: $19.99   The term “walking simulator” has become a pejorative in gaming fandom. The disdain for this genre of games is so prevalent that some developers make sure their games are not categorized this way. Midnight Hubseems to share this concern since they…

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Review: Solo (PC)

By Danny Vargas / May 16, 2018 /

Developer: Team Gotham Publisher: Team Gotham Genre: Adventure, Puzzle Platforms: PC Rating: N/A Price: $14.99   Many artists take inspiration from their life experiences. Team Gotham is no different in this regard. Per their own admission, the themes explored in Solo were inspired by the failed romantic relationship of a Team Gotham employee. In this way, Solo is…

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By Danny Vargas / May 12, 2018 /

Developer: Mythical City Games, Inc Publisher: Mythical City Games, Inc Genre: Strategy, Turn-based, Action Platforms: PC Rating: N/A Price: $19.99 Turn-based strategy games have a fond place among the memories of my misspent youth. I have enjoyed lobbing everything from bananas, in the QBASIC game Gorillas, to M.I.R.V.’s armed with nuclear warheads in the classic…

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Review: Immortal Planet (PC)

By Danny Vargas / August 8, 2017 /

Developer: teedoubleuGAMES Publisher: teedoubleuGAMES Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG Rating: Not rated as of this review Price: $14.99 If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then FromSoftware must feel very honored. The popularity and infamy of their Souls‘ series has spawned a host of games that seek to emulate and capitalize on that winning formula. Immortal Planet…

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