Danny Andrade

Hey everyone! I'm a worshipper, a writer, and a gamer. I've been with Geeks Under Grace since 2020, and I'm so glad God has ordained every step.

Michiru: Beautifully Marked

By Danny Andrade / July 30, 2020 /

Michiru Kagemori never asked or volunteered to become a ‘beast man.’ She wonders and seeks for answers, and although she finds them, she chooses to stay. In this article, we see how God loves us and uses us where we are at.

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Ann Magnolia: Letters

By Danny Andrade / June 28, 2020 /

We will not always know why God permits things to happen to those we love, yet God shows his love while in the midst of it.

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Violet Evergarden: Burns

By Danny Andrade / May 3, 2020 /

Violet Evergarden is told by Leiutenant Colonel Hodgins that she has many burns. As Violet learns what her burns are, we learn how God responds to our burns.

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Kasumi Seizo: “Please Forgive Me.”

By Danny Andrade / April 21, 2020 /

Forgiveness is one of the hardest things for us to do as Christians. As we examine the last episode of Samurai Champloo, we are taught by Fuu the importance to forgiveness.

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Samurai Champloo: Episodes & Seasons

By Danny Andrade / March 31, 2020 /

In our walk with Christ, times and seasons are always something we are told about. In Samurai Champloo, we are taught the differences between the two.

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