Courtney Floyd

Courtney has loved reading since she was a child. Kid's books, YA, memoirs, comics, graphic novels, manga, anything. She also loves bingeing anime, keeping up with her favorite shows like Star Trek, and playing video games. She has two dogs named Kora and Crash (after the Airbender series and Crash Bandicoot, respectively).

Review — Another Code: Recollection

By Courtney Floyd / March 4, 2024 /

Another Code: Recollection is a ground-up remake of both games in the 2000s series Another Code.

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Review — 7Fates: Chakho

By Courtney Floyd / February 13, 2024 /
Group of attractive young men fan out in a V. The one in front offers a hand to the viewer while the others look on

7Fates: Chakho is one of several collaborations between titan digital publisher WebToon and the hit K-pop band BTS.

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Review — Star Trek: Lower Decks — Crew Handbook

By Courtney Floyd / December 19, 2023 /
Lower Decks USS Cerritos Handbook, four faces are on the side of the font, a young Black woman, a young green woman, a young white man, and a young Black man with a visor over one eye

Star Trek: Lower Decks — Crew Handbook ties fans directly to the show by giving them an inside look at how the U.S.S. Cerritos is run…sort of.

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Book Banning in my Old Backyard

By Courtney Floyd / October 6, 2023 /
"Let Freedom Read"

Our Books Department editor explores what it’s like to be a librarian celebrating intellectual freedom while her hometown bans books.

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Review – Anonymous;Code

By Courtney Floyd / September 8, 2023 /
Girl in pink with outstretched hands toward a boy with blue hair looking away from the camera. Busy city background

Anonymous;Code is the latest visual novel in the Science Adventure franchise. Does it hold up to its predecessors, or is it a waste of time?

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