Cooper D Barham

Aspiring author, marriage and family therapist, and active behavioral health technician, Cooper fills his world with God, music, videogames, anime/manga, drawing, reading, writing, and some physical stuff in between. If you ever want to talk about the big or little things of life, fire him a message. Helping others through tough times is both his passion and way of living. 'Got it memorized?'

GUG Review: Edge of Tomorrow vs All You Need Is Kill (Part 1)

By Cooper D Barham / June 23, 2014 /

Tom Cruise has returned once again to the Hollywood fray in Edge of Tomorrow, taking up the mantle of William Cage–a Major in the United Defense Forces.  This article is a comparison of mediums, rather than a simple review, and so cannot function without spoilers.  Consider this your spoiler warning, not just for the movie,…

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GUG Review – Bobby Dollar: Your Friendly, Sarcastic Neighborhood Angel

By Cooper D Barham / June 20, 2014 /

For those invested in recent, contemporary, fantasy novels, the name Tad Williams might not be an unfamiliar one.  But for those of you who’ve never had the fortune of cracking open one of this man’s books, please stick around.  I’ve recently come to acquaint myself with Mister Williams’s most recent duo of page-turners, the Bobby…

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