Cooper D Barham

Aspiring author, marriage and family therapist, and active behavioral health technician, Cooper fills his world with God, music, videogames, anime/manga, drawing, reading, writing, and some physical stuff in between. If you ever want to talk about the big or little things of life, fire him a message. Helping others through tough times is both his passion and way of living. 'Got it memorized?'

31 Reasons You Should Read Bakuman

By Cooper D Barham / July 22, 2014 / Comments Off on 31 Reasons You Should Read Bakuman

Bakuman is an anime/manga from the same duo that gifted the world with Deathnote.  It was published and run in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine for 4 years, from 2008 to 2012.  This is not to be confused with the series Bakugan, which is entirely different. Bakuman follows the lives of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, two boys with…

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GUG Review: The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson

By Cooper D Barham / July 15, 2014 /

Title: The Rithmatist Author: Brandon Sanderson Publisher: Tor Teen Genre: Steampunk, Fantasy, Teen Pages: 384 Content Warning: Brandon Sanderson usually has clean books, and that’s even more emphasized in The Rithmatist, as it is a young adult novel.  No swearing outside Sanderson’s own hand-crafted, story-appropriate slurs, and nothing else of note. The Book in a Nutshell…

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GUG Review: The Emperor’s Soul

By Cooper D Barham / July 8, 2014 /

Title: The Emperor’s Soul Author: Brandon Sanderson Publisher: Tachyon Publications Content Warning: This book is very clean.  No distasteful imagery or themes, and if there was any swearing, it was so scarce I don’t remember it.  Brandon Sanderson makes a point of keeping his works relatively safe for readers. The Book in a Nutshell (No Spoilers):…

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Video Games 101: The Burning Question

By Cooper D Barham / July 4, 2014 /

Humor me for a second. Subtly nod your head if a video game has ever made you shout or swear at the screen.  Be honest.  How about angrily throw your hands or controller?  Yes?  No?  Has a video game ever made you laugh?  Facepalm, maybe?  Has one ever made you argue with your friends?  What…

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Review – Edge of Tomorrow vs. All You Need is Kill (Part 2)

By Cooper D Barham / June 28, 2014 /

Edge of Tomorrow vs. All You Need is Kill (Part 2) Welcome.  If you haven’t yet meandered through Part 1 of this breakdown, fret not, you can just follow the magic link: (  Again, I will be using All You Need Is Kill as a catch-all for both the light novel and manga, and you…

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