Cooper D Barham

Aspiring author, marriage and family therapist, and active behavioral health technician, Cooper fills his world with God, music, videogames, anime/manga, drawing, reading, writing, and some physical stuff in between. If you ever want to talk about the big or little things of life, fire him a message. Helping others through tough times is both his passion and way of living. 'Got it memorized?'

Two Week Rock Devotional (Part 2)

By Cooper D Barham / August 20, 2014 /

This is the second half of a two-part Christian Rock devotional.  If you haven’t seen the first segment…voila: click the link here.   Day 8 – “Salt in the Snow” by The Classic Crime Give me wings, give me peace These are the things that I need I’m tormented, broken, and chained Are You listening?…

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Two Week Rock Devotional (Part 1)

By Cooper D Barham / August 13, 2014 /

INTRO In an attempt to do something fun and innovative while learning more about the Bible, I’ve decided to try my hand at making a fourteen day devotional–a devotional with a focus on Christian rock music.  The basic format will include the song and artist, a Youtube link to the song, the lyrics in italics,…

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GUG Review: Ready Player One

By Cooper D Barham / August 11, 2014 /

Content Warning: Some swearing and mild drug references. Book in a Nutshell (No Spoilers) Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is set in a nearly post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has been reduced to living in makeshift towers of mobile homes stacked upon one another. It’s a dreary and drudging day-to-day life. There is minimal industrial,…

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Review: Tales of Xillia (PS3)

By Cooper D Barham / August 8, 2014 /

Content Warning: Mild swearing, mild sexual humor, some characters could do with more clothes, but for a JRPG even that’s not too bad. Opening: Tales of Xillia is an installment in the Tales series (some may recognize such titles as Tales of Symphonia or Tales of the Abyss, among others).  These games run a similar…

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Review: The Last of Us (PS3)

By Cooper D Barham / July 29, 2014 /

Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Genre: Action Adventure, Survival Horror ESRB: M Price: $19.99 Content Warning: A lot of graphic violence and swearing. A few sexually crude jokes, but nothing explicit otherwise. Dark, engaging emotional delivery might be hard on more sensitive audiences. Opening: Proficient delivery? Check. Bestseller? Check. Overwhelming positive consumer response? Check.…

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