Cooper D Barham

Aspiring author, marriage and family therapist, and active behavioral health technician, Cooper fills his world with God, music, videogames, anime/manga, drawing, reading, writing, and some physical stuff in between. If you ever want to talk about the big or little things of life, fire him a message. Helping others through tough times is both his passion and way of living. 'Got it memorized?'

Review: Radiant — Episode 1: The Young Sorcerer -Seth-

By Cooper D Barham / October 12, 2018 /

Review Pompo Hills needs a hero and Seth, sorcerer-in-training, can be that hero. He is an infected—one who has survived an encounter with a Nemesis, a great beast which has fallen from the sky—and so is capable of wielding magic in protection of those around him. Too bad he’s better at destroying everything and making…

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Review: Zombie Land Saga — Episode 1: Good Morning SAGA

By Cooper D Barham / October 8, 2018 /

Review I knew nothing about this series going into it besides the knowledge that Yasaharu Takanashi, famous for the soundtracks of Naruto: Shippuuden and Fairy Tail, was designated as the musical composer. I mean, that, and it was obviously somehow about zombies (I say obviously, but Robot x Laserbeam is about golf and Bleach has…

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Review: Tokyo Godfathers

By Cooper D Barham / August 13, 2018 /

Producer: Madhouse Director: Satoshi Kon Writer: Satoshi Kon Starring: Darren Pleavin, Russel Wait, and Candice Moore Distributor: Sony Pictures & Entertainment Japan Genre: Drama, Family Rating: R The late Satoshi Kon saw no shortage of accolades in his lifetime. With only a small handful of movies and a serialization to his name, he is now branded among the ranks of anime’s greatest…

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Our Favorite Humor in Anime

By Cooper D Barham / July 23, 2018 /

Greetings, giggling and guffawing geeks of the internet! Welcome to the Geeks Under Grace anime department’s monthly collaboration article. We are going to try taking a crack at a different sort of theme from our usual gallery of ideas. This time our writers were tasked with penning something about their “favorite humor in anime,” whether…

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Review: Banana Fish — Episode 1: A Perfect Day for Bananafish

By Cooper D Barham / July 20, 2018 /

Banana Fish is the modern rendition of a timeless manga by the same name, penned by author Akimi Yoshida. This adaptation is speared by Studio Mappa, with Hiroko Utsumi at the directorial head. The name of this series reveals little about its premise. In short, the story follows prodigious gang youth Ash Lynx, who wears the skills and…

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