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Review: Faithbox

By Cody Hahn / November 6, 2015 /

Subscriptions for consistent deliverables are becoming increasingly popular, as the convenience of the internet’s vast offerings continues to keep snail mail in the 21st century. Two well-known models include Netflix’s DVD rental service –which, despite the streaming option, is still utilized–and Amazon’s web store that has nearly everything. Entrepreneurs in various, specialized fields have capitalized…

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Review: Wayward Pines Finale Episode 10 – “Cycle”

By Cody Hahn / August 4, 2015 /

Wayward Pines is a ten episode miniseries about Ethan Burke, a secret service agent who visits a mysterious town in Idaho in search of two missing agents. Once he arrives in Wayward Pines, Ethan quickly discovers that the town is not normal. One of the Secret Service Agents is found dead after being tortured, and the…

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Review: The Strain Season 2 Episode 1 – “BK, NY”

By Cody Hahn / July 21, 2015 /

The Strain is a horror drama series adaptation of the books written by Guillermo Del Toro. The series follows a band of survivors who try to fight a communicative disease that ends up turning its victims into vampires.  The series’ main protagonist, Ephraim Goodweather, realizes that because the disease is steeped in thousands of years of…

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REVIEW: Under the Dome Season 3, Episodes 1 – “Move On” and 2 – “But I’m Not”

By Cody Hahn / July 13, 2015 /

Under The Dome is a episodic drama about the town of Chester’s Mill, who’s citizens are trapped underneath a supernatural, possibly even otherworldly, dome that keeps the town completely isolated from the outside world. Some of the denizens of Chester’s Mill  were out of town when the dome came down in “Pilot,” and other characters were…

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Review: Mr. Robot Episode 1 – “Hello Friend”

By Cody Hahn / June 24, 2015 /

Mr. Robot is the story of Elliot, a computer tech at the Cyber-Security firm Allsafe, who moonlights as a hacker and uses computers to enact vigilante justice on corrupt people. When Elliot’s firm protects international conglomerate E corp from a harmful hacker attack, he is contacted by a hacker group who wants to try and change…

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