Cody Massie

I am a firm believer that God can show Himself wherever people dare to look. I love looking for his fingerprints in video games especially! I have been gaming since I was young, and I am continuously fascinated with the medium.

Negative Imagery and Philippians

By Cody Massie / April 29, 2023 /

Darkness, evil thoughts, and evil deeds surround us in our culture today. The media portrays negative acts nearly ceaselessly. Depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses are increasing at rapid rates. My friends, it is not illogical to say that our daily lives are inundated with negative imagery. This negative imagery exerts a cost on some…

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Christian Routine Versus True Salvation

By Cody Massie / September 30, 2022 /

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR BIOSHOCK 2 BELOW! What does a typical Sunday look like for you? Does it involve going to church in the morning followed by a family lunch after the service? Is it another day to catch up on work, or is it just a day of rest? According to the Pew Research Center,…

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Doing the Right Thing

By Cody Massie / August 24, 2022 /

The Razgriz Squadron from Ace Combat 5 chose to do the right thing, despite heavy costs. Cody shows how God wants us to do the right thing.

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Love Your Neighbor

By Cody Massie / January 14, 2022 /

Ichiban had a penchant for helping his neighbors. Cody will show us how this correlates to Jesus’ command to love your neighbor.

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Evil Worldviews

By Cody Massie / November 5, 2021 /

Cody shows how Sora fights the powers of darkness in Kingdom Hearts and how this can translate into fighting evil worldviews as Christians.

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