Blake Gardiner

Gaming at the wee age of five and Christian at 13, Blake Gardiner sounds American, looks Swedish, born in New Zealand, and grew up in Laos. After venturing through the teenage Hillsong angst, Blake discovered hymns with rap melodies and refuses to look back lest he turn into a pillar of salt.

Beat Breaker: “Strength & Beauty” by Citizens

By Blake Gardiner / August 22, 2018 /

  Song Title: Strength and Beauty Artist: Citizens (formerly Citizens & Saints) Album: Single Release: 2018 Genre: Indie   Drawing from the same ecclesiastical roots as King’s Kaleidoscope and Ghost Ship, Citizens (formerly Citizens & Saints) has produced three theologically emotional albums since 2013.  Drawing predominantly on hymnal and Psalmist literature, Citizens brings home sound…

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Before You Raise Your Hand

By Blake Gardiner / February 12, 2018 /

  Imagine this scenario: You’re talking with someone who you just met, and you share about your passion for video games/music/table top/TV shows (you name it). This is something you love; it’s your down time, your enjoyment! Yet, instead of responding in kind, they turn and ask you whether it’s the ‘Christian’ thing to do.…

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Beat Breaker: “If You Want Love” by NF

By Blake Gardiner / January 11, 2018 /

Song Title: If You Want Love Artist: NF Album: Perception Release: 2017 Genre: Rap/R&B Producing three succeeding albums in three short years, NF has emerged as an increasingly popular artist within the rap genre, topping both secular and Christian charts. While some of his music holds explicitly Christian themes, the vast majority depicts his personal…

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Review: Perception

By Blake Gardiner / December 21, 2017 /

Artist: NF Label: Capitol CMG, Real Music LLC Genre: Rap Following the growing popularity of his previous two albums, NF (Nathan Feuerstein) returns in 2017 with his third installment, Perception. Continuing to draw on themes of mental health and personal growth, he lays himself bare for the world; topping multiple US charts in both Christian…

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Dropping the ‘F’ Bomb– Reflecting on KK’s “A Prayer” a Year On

By Blake Gardiner / December 8, 2017 /

The Divide When Kings Kaleidoscope released their 2016 album, Beyond Control, the expectation for another rich composition was rife. The release of their first album in 2014, Becoming Who We Are, already captivated an audience with Chad Gardner’s sound theology and jazz melodies. It could only be assumed the new album would maintain this momentum…

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