Annie Pasquinelli

Annie M. Pasquinelli is the worship and media director at a small church in Eugene, Oregon and the author of the Fearless Nine book series about a team of faith-based superheroes. She is also a scuba diver and a graduate of Oregon State University.


By Annie Pasquinelli / March 3, 2019 /

I am not bulletproof. That should be no surprise to anyone, but it sure is a disappointment sometimes. Invulnerability is one of my favorite superpowers to play with in fictional universes. If someone were to be truly impervious, what would that mean for them? How would the physics of this superpower work in different contexts?…

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I Forget

By Annie Pasquinelli / December 17, 2018 /

I have a very specific rule about Christmas music: I am not allowed to listen to it until after December 1st. It’s not that I don’t love Christmas music. Who doesn’t, after all? There are so many great, classic tunes — some extolling Christ’s birth, others reflecting on the joys of the holiday, and then…

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You Can’t Save Everyone

By Annie Pasquinelli / October 28, 2018 /

Tell me if this synopsis doesn’t sound familiar: The hero is just starting to get the hang of this gig. Saving lives is starting to become systematic, even normal somehow. Sure, there have been a few close calls, but the hero has learned from these and has taken them to heart – and it’s showing.…

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Pillar of Innocence

By Annie Pasquinelli / August 26, 2018 /

My expectations for live-action DC superhero movies are generally pretty low, even for a true fangirl. When I heard they had announced plans for a Shazam movie, those expectations sunk even lower. Then I saw the trailer, and everything changed.  Billy Batson and his alter ego have never been high on my list of favorites.…

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To Infinity And Beyond: God Is Still With Us

By Annie Pasquinelli / July 1, 2018 /

I’m sorry this blog about Avengers: Infinity War is so late after the premiere. I needed the therapy. Jokes aside, by now it’s no spoiler to say that the last installment in the MCU was quite dark. After seeing this movie riddled with death and destruction end on an impossible cliffhanger, I stomped out of…

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