Amanda Bizeau-Nicol

Amanda’s love for video games started way back when she used to watch her brother play the NES; one day, she decided to pick up the controller herself, and the rest is history! She's currently working to upload her longtime fanfic work - The Fluffy Tadpole - to Archive of Our Own. In her spare time, she writes fiction, cross-stitches, whips her husband at puzzle games, and creates Myers-Briggs profiles for fictional characters. (Shh… It’s all perfectly normal…)

Loved as the Bride of Christ

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / February 12, 2017 /

There’s that phrase, “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” (Do guys have an equivalent? I’ve never heard “Always a groomsman, never a groom.” Clue me in on this, dudes.) It’s a bit sneery, if you ask me – whether someone says it to you, or you say it to yourself. Let me tell you: No…

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Earthbound and the Christian’s Victory

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / January 29, 2017 /

You know those Lord of the Rings fans who are so dedicated to the fandom they read the formidable fantasy series on an annual basis? I’ve taken great inspiration from them and have created my own goals…of playing favorite video games as a yearly routine. Same amount of dedication, right? (Yes, I’m that librarian who…

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Dying to Self (But Keeping the Video Games)

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / January 15, 2017 /

If you were to ask me fifteen years ago what I thought it meant to die to self, I would have answered – with severe guilt and self-doubt – it was giving up anything you enjoyed. I never followed through on that definition, mind you, but I certainly agonized over it often enough. It was a pretty…

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2016: A Year in Review

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / December 31, 2016 /

Political tension. Tragic and unexpected deaths. Personal struggles. I’ve seen plenty of 2016 hate all through this year. It didn’t treat me so well, either, what with nine months of it spent overcoming an ugly infection, paired with the day in, day out disappointments of life. I even spent Christmas Eve and Day sick as…

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What Stars Mean to Me

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / December 25, 2016 /

Since my days as a wee geek, I’ve had a fascination with stars. I loved going out stargazing with my dad in the canyon near our house, away from the scant light pollution of Green River, Wyoming. In college, I took an astronomy course–just for the lulz–and while so much of the science went over…

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