Amanda Bizeau-Nicol

Amanda’s love for video games started way back when she used to watch her brother play the NES; one day, she decided to pick up the controller herself, and the rest is history! She's currently working to upload her longtime fanfic work - The Fluffy Tadpole - to Archive of Our Own. In her spare time, she writes fiction, cross-stitches, whips her husband at puzzle games, and creates Myers-Briggs profiles for fictional characters. (Shh… It’s all perfectly normal…)

An Introvert’s Thoughts on Community: Hospitality in All Hues

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / September 6, 2020 /

This may be the weirdest time to talk about intentional community and hospitality, but hey – I can’t control when and why my personal convictions pop up for consideration.

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A Geek’s Thoughts on Personal Improvement: Level Up or Let It Go?

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / April 26, 2020 /
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Fire Emblem: Free Graces

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / February 29, 2020 /

Could someone love you and want you even at your worst? The characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses teach us about our own value in spite of our flaws.

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Post-Marital Blog Post

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / December 1, 2019 /
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A Meditation on Death

By Amanda Bizeau-Nicol / April 21, 2019 /
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