Adam Mueller

Adam Mueller loves to play video games, watch anime, and think too much. Whenever he's not doing these things, he's attending college classes.

Retro Review: Cave Story+

By Adam Mueller / September 10, 2019 /

Cave Story is a game that has been re-released a lot throughout the years. Is it still worth getting at least once? The answer is yes.

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Review: Forager

By Adam Mueller / September 2, 2019 /

Though entertaining for a while, Forager struggles under the shadow of crafting giants Minecraft and Terraria.

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Review: Deponia

By Adam Mueller / June 3, 2019 /

Deponia is a fast-paced comedy of errors in the style of Matt Groening whose twist-filled story takes its off-beat characters all over a trash planet.

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Review: The World Ends With You—Final Remix

By Adam Mueller / April 26, 2019 /

Even though poor motion controls hurt its rating, The World Ends With You: Final Remix is a fun and worthwhile piece of art

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Review: 8-Bit Hordes (PS4)

By Adam Mueller / March 5, 2019 /

Developer: Petroglyph Games Publisher: Petroglyph Games Genre: Real-Time Strategy Platform: PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 Rating: Everyone 10+ Price: $29.99 Real-time strategy is not typically an easy genre for a beginning strategist to play, or at the very least, not a simple one. That being said, the 8-Bit Armies series seems to try and change just…

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