Adam Mueller

Adam Mueller loves to play video games, watch anime, and think too much. Whenever he's not doing these things, he's attending college classes.

Review – Raji: An Ancient Epic

By Adam Mueller / November 6, 2020 /

Raji: An Ancient Epic is an action-adventure game set in ancient India. A young girl has been chosen by the gods to stand against the invasion of demon lord Mahabalasura.

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Review – The Witness

By Adam Mueller / October 20, 2020 /

After finishing Return of the Obra Dinn, Adam dives into The Witness, an allegedly excellent puzzle game.

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Review – Adventures of Pip

By Adam Mueller / October 1, 2020 /

Adventures of Pip seems to be a cute and unique adventure on the outside, but how does it really play? Find out in our review!

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Review – Before I Forget

By Adam Mueller / August 5, 2020 /

When a game is only an hour long, one must wonder if there’s truly enough time to care about it. Let’s see if Before I Forget proves to be memorable.

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Final Fantasy: I Summon Thee!

By Adam Mueller / July 10, 2020 /
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