Thomas Martin

WWE Survivor Series 2014 Predictions

By Thomas Martin / November 23, 2014 /

Welcome to another edition of Geeks Under Grace Predicts. This month is WWE Survivor Series. We break down all the matches and give a nice variety of opinions on what we here at Geeks Under Grace think is likely to happen on the show. As usual, I am joined by Steve Schoen–the man who gave…

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Ultron Has No Strings + Reactions to WWE HIAC – GUG Podcast #9

By Thomas Martin / October 27, 2014 /

Thomas is engaged to be married! We discuss the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, Runescape street preacher (here’s a hint: it is one of us), Final Fantasy X is a Christ story, and more!   Don’t miss Thomas’ reactions to Sunday’s WWE HIAC PPV   [iframe src=”″ width=”100%” height=”480″] To download the episode right click…

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WWE HIAC 2014 Predictions

By Thomas Martin / October 25, 2014 /

This Sunday has a WWE PPV and you know what that means! The boys and I got together and gathered our thoughts on what will happen. Today I have Steve Schoen and Michael Pyatt joining me. As a special treat, we have Daniel Worley, a Geeks Under Grace community member, as a guest writer. Due…

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Review: Fairy Fencer F

By Thomas Martin / September 23, 2014 /

Content Warning There are several scantily-clad women involving occasional sophmoric sexual humor. There is occasional swearing. Characters WILL die throughout the story, and while not frequently graphic, they will have blood trailing down their faces as they utter their last words. Typical fantasy game warning applies here due to mythology about two warring deities and…

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WWE Night of Champions 2014 Predictions

By Thomas Martin / September 20, 2014 /

Welcome to another Geeks Under Grace predictions article. This month, we take a look at the upcoming WWE Night of Champions PPV. I am Thomas Martin, the unofficial head of the non-existent Wrestling section here at Geeks Under Grace. Today I am joined by Steve Schoen, Michael Pyatt Jr., and Josh Mors. All of us…

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