Review: Taboo Tattoo, Episode 3: Misery Loves Company


This episode seemed mostly dedicated to putting us in the mind of the enemy. We learn the name of the creepy girl from the last episode, which is Iltutmish, known more simply as “Il” or “Schrodinger’s Cat” among her team. Iltutmish nurses an abandoned cat back to health (though threatens to kill it twice) and the sexual sadist guy from the same unit is shown to (when he’s not being crude) have a general sense of decency towards others, as well as a responsibility toward the girl in his care.
The first fruits of a possible romantic relationship are forming around Seigi anTaboo-Tattoo-Episode-3-Sub-Indod Touka, though at this point it’s entirely one-sided. Tattoos and Sealed are explained in greater detail, especially regarding Seigi’s anomalous “Void Maker” ability, which nearly kills half-a-dozen people.
In Seigi’s sparring with Izzy, we are given some technical details about the actual martial arts employed by the characters. Most notably, Izzy comments on how Seigi has an excessive reliance on throwing techniques (something I’d actually observed up to this point) and that makes him easy to anticipate. I like that this series isn’t throwing characters brainlessly into combat.
We are given an ominous conclusion to the episode when Iltutmish receives a “delivery” in the form of a giant, cruelly-shaped sword and an order to destroy Lisa, a newly introduced friend of Izzy’s.

Christian Perspective:

Ecclesiastes 4: 9-12 – “Two are better than one, because together they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up.”
Teamwork is demonstrated in several different ways in this episode, by multiple parties. Whether it’s Izzy instructing Seigi on how to be a better combatant, Tom speaking about the effectiveness of certain abilities, or the antagonists helping one another out, we can see this verse being played out. Mind you, this might not exactly be in context, but the principle is still good. God understands how hard it can be for us to try and go it alone. That learning and experience is limited when left to one’s own devices. We need one another to reach the full potential He has given us and for support in trying circumstances.

Content Guide:



Spiritual Content: Still no exposition on the matter, but we are seeing more of these vague spirit-like creatures hovering over Sealed characters as they fight. One character also has an ability where they do a full-body possession of somebody else.
Violence: A couple brief, physical altercations, two of which result in small amounts of blood drawn. One character is stabbed through the shoulder with the tip of an umbrella. Izzy creates an impromptu grenade with her powers to blow up a small section of a school.
Language/Crude Humor: “h***” three times and “b****” once.
Sexual Content: Close-up of Touko’s chest. The princess acting as the main antagonist kisses Iltutmish in a flashback and caresses her rear. Iltutmish is shown bathing and is only covert with the most sensitive areas of the body. In the same scene, Iltutmish gets out of the bath and is covered only by a towel around her waist and her long hair. A new character is introduced who wears half a tank-top, showing both a lot of cleavage and a midriff. Lisa gropes herself as she mocks Izzy, noting the difference in their bust size. Izzy herself is captured from several enticing angles while she is sparring with Seigi. The sexual sadist character from the antagonist unit “Brahman” makes a comment about Iltutmish’s body when she gets out of the bath, asking both “How old are you again?” (significant because she looks like a kid) and then shrugging it off immediately with “You don’t have a body that would turn me on, anyways.”
Drug/Alcohol Use: None
Other Negative Themes: The main antagonist taunts a homeless girl and says they’ll give her food if she just licks their boot. There are also vague, disturbing images of teeth, eyes, and tongues during some dialogue where Izzy is explaining the nature of Seigi’s “Void Maker” ability.
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