Review: Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 10: Moon

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This was something of an info dump episode. As you already know, the Sailor Senshi made the decision to travel to the moon in the previous episode, and that endeavor finds its fulfillment here. Once there, they discover something left behind by a resident of the now-extinct Moon Kingdom (which fills in some of the plot holes that have been left thus far). Previous flashbacks are further explained and fleshed out to give the full details of Princess Serenity’s life, her love for Endymion, and the ultimate demise of the Moon Kingdom. A later scene also reveals the true identity of the Four Kings, and the relationship between them and the Sailor Senshi is revealed (which finally explains Venus’ appeal to Kunzite a few episodes ago).

On a humorous note, one does have to wonder how the Senshi managed to fly into space without someone seeing or NASA picking them up on the radar. On a more serious note, it is nice that the episode seals up the plot hole about there is no recollection of the old Earth kingdom and its relationship with the Moon Kingdom. On top of this, the reveal of the Four Kings’ true identities is particularly surprising. My one criticism is how all four of the Sailor Senshi just had to have past romantic interests, and, more to the point, how these love interests happened to be who they were. I don’t want to say too much so as to avoid spoilers, but it just felt unnecessary. First off, for the Senshi to all fall in love with their counterparts just seems forced. Just because they share similar roles does not automatically make them the perfect lovers. Secondly, is it really necessary that all of the female cast have love interests? Princess Serenity and Endymion’s love story is central to the plot. The remaining Senshi having love interests? Not so much.

Anyway, romance gripes aside, this really is a decent episode. Information about the backstory is provided in abundance, and the Tuxedo Mask plot is continued (albeit minorly) to carry into the next episode. Make sure to tune in for the next installment!

A Christian Perspective:

A common concept that comes up in Christianity is how God has created us all with a plan and a purpose. I don’t know that there is a specific verse that states this, but verses such as those describing the gifts we receive from God are probably the basis for this belief. The problem is, we can’t receive (or at least use) these gifts for God’s glory until we have come to receive salvation through Jesus. In other words, evil (sin) mars our ability to live for God and fulfill the purposes for which we were created. Of course, we could then get into a discussion about how God ultimately knows the intents of the evil hearts and can even use those to achieve His ultimate purposes, but that goes deeper than the comparison I’m trying to make.

Much like sin mars our ability to live for God, and even blinds us to our need for Him (particularly when we were nonbelievers), the Four Kings are blinded to their true purpose by Queen Beryl (the evil in this case). They have a much more noble and respectable purpose, but Queen Beryl has made them forget that purpose, instead having them use their powers for evil. Sin can do the same to us. Perhaps you are gifted with eloquent speech. As a child of God, you can use that gift to present the Gospel to people in a clear and understandable way, allowing them to easily see their own sins and need for a Savior. If you have this gift and aren’t a child of God, though, then you may end up using this gift to swindle others by speaking in a way that deceives the listener. That example ultimately sums up the point.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Princess Serenity’s dress shows cleavage; Queen Beryl cleavage

Violence: A character stabs herself with a sword (actual stabbing not shown); Queen Beryl attacks the Four Kings; Sailor Senshi and Four Kings fight

Blood/Gore: Red petals that presumably indicate blood

Other: Mars refers to symbolic meanings of the moon and (presumably) divination; a character is able to leave her will behind to communicate with the Senshi; Queen Beryl possesses (?) the Four Kings; typical Sailor Senshi/Four King battle, complete with magical powers

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