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Geeks Under Grace had the pleasure of interviewing Oswaldo Pinto, who is the director of Radio OKCs. They are an anime and Christian radio station in Ecuador, and to his knowledge the only Spanish station that plays both genres of music. Not only that, but they feature news, articles, and devotionals for otaku and geek alike in Latin America. There are millions of people of different races and cultures who identify as otaku and enjoy the same interests, and we here at GUG hope to support these other ministries who love Christ and love to be geeky. Be sure to check out the links at the end of the interview to find out more about Radio OKC’s.


Thank you Oswaldo for giving up some of your time for an interview with Geeks Under Grace! So let’s start with how you started working on the radio? 
Radio OKC: I started work on Internet radio for about 3 years approximately, but I’ve had Radio OKCs from 2012.
Where did you get the idea to start an anime/Christian radio station and a website?
Oswaldo Pinto, director of Radio OKCs
Radio OKC: As a Christian in Latin America, the subject of anime and manga is looked down on, so there weren’t many anime radio stations. I started working in radio on the internet, but then I got sick with tuberculosis. I completely stopped working in radio because of all the crime and depression that happens in my country of Ecuador, I just wasn’t motivated to continue.  Even though I was sick, God used it for His glory. At first I didn’t understand why this was happening to me, but He showed me His plan as time went on.
One day I decided to put together a WordPress blog about anime, and as it grew I found an article about Christianity and anime. I republished the article and as the comments came in, I realized that there are Christians who really enjoy anime and that’s when Eloy Roballo, a Christian from Uruguay, called me and invited me to participate in a page called Otaku Christian. Shortly after, we put up Radio OKC as a side project on the site, which was a combination of anime and Christian music which had never been done before, and here we are today!
What do you hope to accomplish with the station?
Radio OKC: We have two main goals here at Radio OKC: the first is to take the Word of God to the otaku and geeks, and secondly to remove the negative image Latin churches have put on Christians in this sub-culture.
On Radio OKC, what kind of programs or music do you play for otaku or Christians?
Radio OKC: We mostly play commercial anime music and Christian rock. Most radio stations do not play J-Pop, Korean, or other Asian-styled music, so we are proud to be the only ones playing Christian music and Asian pop at the same time. There are also programs we have where we play video game music that caters to our geek and otaku audience, which is very large here in South America.
We also feature a biblical devotional that is aimed at the sub-culture, and we use anime related images for each day.
What has been the feedback so far from your listeners, and how have they reacted to listening to a Christian Otaku radio station?
Radio OKC: The reaction that we received at first was not pleasant at all. We did want to draw attention, but we weren’t expecting this kind of negative response. On the other hand, many otaku were excited about their being a radio station for them because several of their families, friends, and churches had rejected them because of their interests. They’ve told me it was the grace of God that led them to us, and they are very thankful that there’s a place where they can hear God’s Word and their favorite music or read related articles.
What are your plans for Radio OKC in the future?11846392_10204709011628351_569279710_n
Radio OKC: We are thankful to God that we are still around, and whatever He wants to do in the future we are excited for! It’s all thanks to Him.
Is there going to be an English version of Radio OKC, or it’s just in Spanish for now?
Radio OKC: We had some plans to be on the radio in Brazil, but it didn’t work out. An English station is one of our goals, but we would need to expand our staff to make it happen. Whatever happens, we are just glad that God has got us this far. It’s like leaving a legacy. I feel as if we are pioneering something that has never been done. As director of Radio OKCs I feel like Larry Norman, the Father of Christian Rock!
So, we at Geeks Under Grace love to ask our interviewees questions on their favorite geeky interests. Let’s start with your favorite anime!11899126_10204750274259891_1513502967_o (1)
Radio OKC: Dragon Ball
Hardest video game you’ve ever played?
Radio OKC: Call of Duty  Modern Warfare
Who is your favorite J-Pop or K-Pop artist and best song?
Radio OKC:
  • Flow – Cha La Head Cha La
  • Migwa – Candy
  • Imari Tones – Wining Song
What other geeky interests do you enjoy doing on your free time?
Radio OKC: I like to play video games, I’ve been playing Far Cry 2. I love watching anime as well. Right now I’m checking out Umaru Chan Himoto.
Geeks Under Grace would like to say gracias mi amigos to Radio OKC for their time. We hope this is just the beginning in being able to connect with our Latino geek community. There are millions of them all over the world, and many of them love God and serve Him faithfully, so please invite your friends over to their radio channel and spread the word on social media!

Listen to Radio OKC! 




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