Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F Becomes One Of The Top Ten Anime Releases Of All Time

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection "F"
Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F” opened to an impressive debut last week, making more than $3 million in only a few days and became the first independent movie to rank amongst the top 10 highest grossing domestic anime of all time.
According to FUNimation Entertainment, since its release last Tuesday, Resurrection “F” has grossed an impressive $5.97 million at the North American box office.
“It’s a great film that loyal DBZ fans, and fans of anime, have helped push into the record books in just 6 days,” FUNimation EVP and COO Michael DuBoise said. “Great word of mouth, extremely positive reviews, plus a film that appeals to core fans and is creating new fans, have led to sold-out shows, repeat viewings, and additional theaters being added through Wednesday.”
A recent Deadline report shows that DBZ: Resurrection F brought in $3.57 million in its opening week. Theaters are reported to have sold out in major markets, and with a budget of only $5 million it’s been speculated that the film could have brought in almost $20 million domestically, in a single week.
“This film is a resounding victory on all levels,” said David Wengrod, VP of Theatrical Distribution for FUNimation Entertainment.
The movie is now the 8th highest anime opening of all time and the first limited event theatrical release to crack the box office Top 10.

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