Ann Magnolia: Letters

Miss Ann Magnolia is a 7 year old girl whose curiosity is as great as any child’s could be; She loves to play house, dance, solve riddles, play with her doll and even find bugs in the garden. One day, as she sat on a bench outside her mother’s house, she saw Violet Evergarden. Miss Ann had never seen a real life doll before.

Unlike any 7 year old girl, Miss Ann is the daughter of a father who passed during the Great War and whose mother is terminally ill. During the stay of Violet Evergarden, Miss Ann is held to entertain Violet while her mother rests due to her illness. As usual, Miss Ann is curious. While she is not entertaining Violet, she wanders and plays with her doll while Violet is writing letters for her mother. One night, Miss Ann approaches Violet and asks to whom the letters are for. Violet cannot share this to Ann; she did not like that. 

As Violet stays in the house, Miss Ann learns to trust Violet. She constantly comes to her with her curiosities and adventurous questions. Although everything seems to be fine, Miss Ann is very aware of what is soon to come. One day, Miss Ann walks into her mother’s room and asks if Violet could tie a ribbon in her hair. Her mother doesn’t approve at first, but Violet insisted that she should do it right then for a short moment. 

When Violet finished tying the ribbon, Miss Ann said “I didn’t want you to tie the ribbon in my hair… I really wanted my mommy to do it – and she’s the one I want to read with, and do riddles and play house. and I know my mom doesn’t like bugs… Stop taking away my time with my Mommy, Violet!” Violet responds calmly, “just a few more days.” Miss Ann cries out, “Then tell my mommy I can be there when you’re writing your letter! I just want to be near her. All I want is to be close and squeeze her hand. Please!” She says all of this as she clutches on to her doll. Violet gave her no response. 

Later that day, Ann questions her mother as to why she can’t be present, but her mother’s silence makes her feel unloved, although her mother reassures that she does love her. Miss Ann rushes out of her mother’s house, hurt that she doesn’t know why her mother is dying. When she comes to a stop, Violet meets her where she is at. Ann exclaims that she isn’t strong. She isn’t a kind person. She believes that her mother is sick because she is a “bad girl.” She cries for her mother knowing that she will soon be gone. While in the midst of Violet Evergarden, Miss Ann continues to question why these letters must be written. Violet softly says, “There is no such thing as a letter that doesn’t deserve to be delivered…”

After Violet has fulfilled her duty, we see Miss Ann do all the things she wanted to do with her mother: read books, look for bugs in the garden, tie ribbons in her hair. In a time lapse, we see that her mother is gone less than a year later. Miss Ann Magnolia is now alone and left to live motherless and fatherless. 

The Silence of God does not disprove his love towards us. The Bible says clearly that God loves us (John 3:16), but it is humane to believe He doesn’t when life seems to go from bad to worse. Many Christians struggle to believe in God when they see how cruel life can be. Many more struggle to trust God when they see their families suffer in the name of Christianity, yet “We know that for those who love God all things work together for the good of those who love Him, for those who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28).  

We may never know what lies ahead in our life and we may never understand why God permits these necessary evils to occur, but we are comforted with the thought that God is ever present in all those times of trouble (Psalms 46:1). Even in times where we feel abandoned, God is a father to the fatherless (Psalms 68:5). 

Not all the time will the Lord let us know why these things happen, but in Romans 8:18, it says, “I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.” The Apostle Paul makes it a point to say that our sufferings will be a cause for something to be “revealed to us.” This means that there will be a revelation as to why certain evil was necessary, and when we learn why, we will see the glory of God shine through it even brighter.

When Miss Ann was left to live her life without her mother and father, she was definitely sad and hurt, but then she received a letter. As tears filled her eyes, Miss Ann read the letter she would receive from her mother on her birthday every year for the next 50 years. Every letter she received, though her mother was gone, made Miss Ann understand that her love for her went beyond her death.

The Bible is also known to be called the “66 book love letter.” When we feel lost, alone, abandoned, hurt or more, Christ shows us that his love goes beyond the cross and the tomb. 

As you open your bible, I pray your heart knows that all your letters will reach you no matter where you are. 

Danny Andrade

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel. I am a youth teacher at my church, a praise and worship leader and I am a family guy (no reference to the show). I hope that anyone who reads my articles/reviews are blessed with more knowledge of who Christ is. Plus, that's what sharing the Gospel is about. God Bless and pray for me as I pursue Christ and you with me!

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